What to do in the event of an Auto Accident

Having an accident is very traumatic and can create emotions that you were no expecting. Here is a list of items to help that you need to do in the event of an automobile accident.

  1. Check for injuries, vehicles can be fixed but people may need attention immediately. If you are not sure that someone is okay then you should call an ambulance.
  2. If your accident is a minor fender bender and no one is injured then move the vehicles to a safe location out of traffic.
  3. You should immediately turn on your hazards and if you have a road side kit then use flares, cones or triangles to notify other drivers that there has been an accident.
  4. Call the police.
  5. Contact your insurance company and let them know about the accident.
  6. Don’t sign anything admitting fault or otherwise.
  7. Take pictures of their car and yours if you have a camera phone. Make notes about the traffic, weather and what ever else you can about the accident.
  8. Make immediate notes about the accident including the specific damages to all vehicles involved. If the name on the auto registration and/or insurance policy is different from the name of the driver, establish the relationship and jot it down. Get witness information, if possible, as well.
  9. Do not leave the accident scene before the police officers and other drivers do unless someones life is at stake.