Understanding Family Law

If you are married or in a civil union then having  a basic understanding of family should be a consideration for you. Laws concerning marriage have existed for hundreds of years and cover topics from divorce to spousal abuse and even adoption.

In relation to the termination of a marriage or civil union, family law also covers divorce-related issues. These issues will include such things as alimony ( in states where alimony exist), custody of children, a division of properties and assets, and even annulment.  These are issues decided by the court systems and if you have ever been through a divorce, you know just how busy the family law courts are in most cities. They typically are the busiest areas of the legal system and having a lawyer who knows how to navigate these overcrowded dockets is always a benefit.

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Family law is not just about divorcing and deciding where the children will live.  It also covers issues around getting married such as a prenuptial agreement, where one spouse makes significantly more money than the other and does not want to risk splitting their assets if the marriage does not last. This typically makes the news when a very wealthy couple decides to get married and money becomes the focus of the pending union.

Children and abuse are also covered by family law as well as emancipation of a minor and even foster care. Paternity law, surrogacy, and guardianship are also minor children related issues that would fall under the family law umbrella.

Family law is an all-encompassing group of laws designed to help families navigate the legal system when there is a need to address important issues involving the ones you love.