Finances and Bankruptcy

When faced with a decision to file bankruptcy, you don’t want to go it alone. A bankruptcy attorney can assist you in deciding which type of bankruptcy best fits your current situation. Bankruptcy can help alleviate common problems that are associated with being in debt. More importantly, filing bankruptcy can help stop wage garnishments, harassing phone calls from bill collectors, threatening letters and could even potentially help with keeping your business, car or home.

In San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys at Doan Law Firm are qualified to assist you with your needs.

If your phone is ringing off the hook with bill collectors or your mailbox is full of bills and your stress level is at an all-time high, relief is possible, with bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney will guide you in completing paperwork, filing your case with the respective US Federal Bankruptcy Court in your state and completing any applicable debt counseling classes as mandated by the federal bankruptcy court.

The bankruptcy laws are complex and the time it takes from initially filing, to discharge or reorganize debts can take several months. However, the prevention of possible foreclosure, repossessions or wage garnishment is immediate once you have retained a Bankruptcy Attorney. The cost of bankruptcy depends on several factors to include the type of bankruptcy you are filing, the amount of debt you have and if there are any garnishments or pending lawsuit cases against you. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer payment plans to ease the burden of costs, however, all fees must be paid to the lawyer prior to the filing of the bankruptcy case.

Filing bankruptcy doesn’t need to be embarrassing or difficult; you are not alone. With the assistance of a qualified bankruptcy attorney, you can have a fresh start and regain financial freedom from debt collectors. Beware of myths such as being unable to obtain credit after a bankruptcy, not being able to include taxes, child support or student loans in a bankruptcy or that a bankruptcy will forever ruin your credit – these are all common myths. Consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney for the facts concerning your situation and get on the road to credit recovery.