Personal Injury Law Cases From Traffic Accidents

The aftermath of a traffic accident can be devastating. In some cases, the negligence of the driver who is at fault has caused serious injuries to one or more parties and there are long periods of recuperation as well as years of physical therapy, chronic pain and physical impairments that can affect the injured victims for the rest of their lives. In other, even more tragic circumstances, the careless driving behavior of the at-fault party has resulted in the death of a family member. These sudden and painful situations can give rise to the need to file a civil claim in the courts and the topic of traffic accidents with personal injury law is something that can require a bit of research.

In most states, the attorneys who are experienced and qualified to handle these cases are willing to consult with potential clients at little or no charge for the initial consultation. In this meeting, the lawyer will make a determination as to whether the potential claim has legal merit. If there is a decision on the part of the attorney that the claim meets the threshold for a case that can go forward, then the client can choose whether or not to retain the services of that attorney. The payment for most personal injury lawsuits is handled on a contingency basis, which means that the attorney will be paid a percentage of the money won in the suit, usually that percentage is approximately one third of the total amount recovered by the lawsuit, settlement, or mediation that the client may undergo with the other side.

One benefit of the traffic accidents with personal injury law cases that follow them is that the contingency fee agreement with the attorney motivates the attorney to work toward the largest amount of money as the settlement. The fact that the attorney will accept the case shows their confidence in the merits of the case.

The cases that go forward for personal injury may claim damages for a variety of after-effects from the accident. There may be claims of physical and / or mental pain and suffering, medical expenses for the injuries sustained in the accident, and the loss of income from the victims, both now and in the future. In some cases, there also may be legitimate claims of loss of consortium which covers the spouse of the victim and their suffering due to the injuries their partner has suffered.