Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety

If all safety rules are followed, it can be exciting cruising down the city streets or country roads. The first thing an individual interested in biking should do is take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, which can be found in many cities nationwide. This will teach you the basics of riding and how to do it safely. It is well worth the money and you will learn good habits right from the start.

You will need a full face helmet with Department of Transportation approval which is the mandatory DOT sticker on the helmet. Yes, you have seen the German type helmets and helmets police wear, but nothing protects you better than the full face helmet. Full-fingered gloves are a must. Long pants and long-sleeve shirts should be worn no matter what the weather. Boots that cover the ankle also is a necessity. A pair of chaps would be a plus.

When you are ready to ride, walk around the motorcycle at least once to make sure the tires look right and there are no fluids on the ground. At a red light always put both feet down. Watch for oil slicks on the road. Be aware of wind gusts and the grating on bridges. Always put the kick stand down before dismounting.

When approaching an intersection be careful. Many times a car will be turning left in front of you. Make sure your speed is appropriate enough to avoid a collision with this car. Hold your hand and foot just above the brakes in case they are needed. If you have to stop put equal pressure on both the hand and foot brakes. Unequal pressure might cause you to slide or have the back flip up which is very dangerous. Never brake with the front wheel turned. Straighten the bike before braking. It is dangerous to brake with the front wheel turned and could cause you to go down and slide. Therefore, if you are entering a turn, do your braking gradually before entering the turn. Increase your speed as you are coming out of the turn. Please do not do wheelies, where the motorcyclist raises his front wheel and rides only on the back wheel.

If the motorcycle goes down flip your red engine cut off switch to the off position. Happy Riding!