Legal Fees

At some point, you may need compensation for personal injuries that you have suffered due to the negligence of another party. It is important to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer. You may be confused and wonder how much the legal fees will cost you. Fortunately, you can usually find an experienced personal injury lawyer who will take your case on a contingency basis.

If your lawyer takes your case on a contingency basis, this means that he will not expect any upfront payment from you. His legal fees will be covered by taking a percentage of any settlement or award that you are given. This fee will compensate him for his work on your case. When a lawyer takes your case on contingency, he only gets paid if your case is settled or won. If you lose, you will not be responsible for paying any of his legal fees.

The percentage that your lawyer will charge varies from one state to another. However, the contingent attorney fee in most states falls somewhere between 33 and 40% of your personal injury settlement or award. If the case is settled out-of-court, expect to pay closer to 33%. If you must go to trial, then the legal fees will be closer to the 40% average.

This percent may be affected by how complicated and time consuming your case is. For example, if you are seeking damages for medical malpractice, your attorney may be required to pay expenses for the testimony of expert witnesses. A case of this nature will increase your legal fees. Expect to pay a percentage of between 45 and 50% in legal fees in this situation.

Aside from the contingency fee, if your case goes to court, you may be responsible for paying some, or all, of the court costs associated with the trial. Court costs consist of a flat-rate-fee assigned by the court and must be paid up front. If your case is won, you will most likely be able to recover this fee from the losing party. If your case is lost, however, there is a chance you may be responsible for paying the other party’s court costs.