Dental Malpractice

Professional dental care providers are held to a high standard. When a dentist does not hold to these standards a patient there could be a cause for mental malpractice.Dental malpractices is when a patient is injured due to negligent dental work. Negligence comes in many forms. The dentist may have failed to treat or diagnose an unstable oral condition, performed faulty dental work, as well as any malevolent or other intentional misconduct at the practitioners hands. In most cases, for a malpractice suit to be successful the dental care provider must have done something that no reasonable professional oral care provider would have done under the same circumstances. The act performed either intentionally or unintentional is a viable suit if the act caused significant injury.

Besides having to keep up a certain standard, an oral care provider must obtain a patients informed consent before performing any treatment. Patients have a right to decide what work they want provided. If a dentist goes beyond the scope of the treatment agreed upon it could be grounds for a dental malpractice suit. Of course, a dentist can not guarantee the results of the dental work will be successful. If a treatment does not meet expectations. A personal injury lawyer should be contacted if the work done was sub-par and caused injury.

There are cases when a dentist takes advantage of their position and intentionally injures or commits improper acts. This is the case when a patient is molested during sedation or other harm against a patient. As long as there is a clear probable cause and proof harm suffered there is just cause for a dental malpractice claim.

Harm caused by dental malpractice comes in many forms. Permanent or temporary loss of taste or numbness and injuries of of the nerves jaw, tongue , chin or lips are injuries that occur all too often. Failure to treat or diagnose oral cancer or gum disease are examples of poor treatment. Improper root canal work from using Sargenti Paste or infections of the, gums, teeth, or jaw bone from a bad root canal or crown and bridge prostheses are definite cause for a dental malpractice suit. In very unfortunate cases, patients have died from negligent dental procedure or improper anesthesia.

Patients who have been victimized by a negligent oral care provider should contact a competent personal injury lawyer immediately. It is the only way to receive fair compensation for the unfair treatment. A personal injury lawyer has the know how to gather all the important evidence and fight for your rights in court.