Auto Accident laws

Automobile accident laws vary by each state but they all essentially have the same goals in mind, to determine which driver is at fault and resolve any other issues arising from the accident.

Common causes of auto accidents are:

  • driver error where a driver makes a bad decision, runs a red light, makes an illegal turn…
  • distractions are common where a driver is preoccupied by a phone,  unruly child, texting or music
  • DUI: drivers who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Bad Weather: rain, fog,snow or other bad weather  can cause many accident

What to do in the case of an Auto Accident

No one wants to have an auto accident but they happen. If you are involved in one you should make sure that you are ready.  Make sure you have your insurance up to date and in your glove box to provide to the police and the other driver.  Make sure and take pictures of the accident with your camera phone or digital camera in the event you need it for a lawsuit. Take pictures from several angles and make sure and get the surrounding area.  Take notes  about the weather, traffic and any other details that are relevant. We suggest taking a picture of the other driver so you know who you are dealing with. Make sure you exchange your drivers license info, insurance and your address with the other driver.

Auto Accident Injuries

The first thing to check after an accident is whether or not everyone is okay. If there is an injury, make sure and call for an ambulance immediately. While head injuries  may appear minor at the time frequently they can be quite dangerous and should not be taken lightly. If someone is complaining of neck pain make sure they do not move their head around while waiting for the ambulance.  Any other types of injuries should be looked at quickly and carefully by an EMT. Fill out our form to contact an Auto Accident Lawyer near you for a free consultation.