Personal Injury Lawyers

Has something happened to make you stop and wonder if you need a personal injury attorney? Has there been a loss of income due to time off? Was it due to someone else’s actions? Are you facing medical bills that you can not pay due to the unfortunate event that has transpired in your life? Has your personal property been destroyed by the negligence of others?

If these are questions that you are asking yourself or someone that you trust, then it may be time to consult with a personal injury attorney. Unfortunately there are situations that occur throughout our lives when a personal injury lawyer might be needed. Perhaps you were not properly compensated for working overtime on more than one occasion. You respectfully request your proper pay on several occasions from your employer. Still you have not received your pay in the proper amount that is due you. Maybe your employer threatens to fire you if you keep asking for your overtime pay. It is at that time that you may want to begin your search for a good personal injury lawyer that specializes in employment cases. When you have children you trust toy manufacturers to design and build toys that are safe for your children. Some toys do slip onto the toy markets that have been painted with non safe paint. For example some toys may have parts that become too hot or parts that become stuck when children play with the toys. Some toy defects can cause minor cuts and bruising while others cause painful and irreparable facial or body scarring. Parents lose time from work taking the child to numerous medical appointments resulting in lost wages. Medical bills begin to pile up; especially the ones that the parents medical insurer will not cover. Another example may be a pharmacy filling your prescriptions incorrectly causing you to become very ill, hospitalized or even death may occur. Perhaps your physician prescribed a medication for you that caused you harm. The error could be in the drug itself or worse yet it could be a medication that was meant for someone else.